Eurocreme: Jonny Parker and Marcus Jay

Jonny Parker fucks Marcus Jay

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Jonny Parker and Marcus Jay at Eurocreme

As Marcus Jay and Jonny Parker check in to the hotel, it’s obvious that Marcus has a motive and Jonny has no idea.. twinky cousins checking in to the DreamBoy Hotel and one asking for a double bed – there’s only one outcome to this and you’re in for a hot ride!

Checking each other’s growing bodies, Marcus drops to his knees and cradles Jonny’s growing bulge, slowly easing it out from underneath his boxers, Marcus tenderly puts it in his mouth and starts sucking on Jonny’s big fat dick, admitting to him and us that he’s always wanted to do that – and the feeling was mutual! As Marcus cries out to be fucked after a sensual cock sucking, Jonny pulls rank and gets his cousin to fuck him instead!

Finding the lube and condoms neatly placed, they’re sorted and Jonny is instantly on top of Marcus and riding his like a cowboy, his great dick hanging in a damn hot way, growing again as he bounces hard and letting us see his hot crack getting stuffed with dick.

Fucking and sucking, these twinks are new to this game and just can’t decide on what they prefer doing – so they do it all over and over until they both dump their loads over their faces and suck each other dry… ready for the best sleep of their young lives!

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