Jaro Stone and Timmy Treasure double-fuck Milan Sharp at Staxus

Far be it from us to knock raw natural talent, but we’ve a sneaking suspicion that Jaro Stone, Timmy Treasure and Milan Sharp are never going to make it in the cut-throat world of wannabe-singers. Fortunately, they do have other, more intimate talents that mark them out for recognition – and which (as in the case here) they are only all too ready and willing to put on public display.

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Double fucking Milan Sharp

Indeed, let’s be perfectly honest, would-be singing stars are ten-a-penny. Cock-lovin’ fuckers like this rampant trio, in total contrast, are much harder to find – but a whole lot better to watch! A fact that we know our legion of fans are going to agree with – not least of all when Treasure and Sharp go down together on Stone’s handsome ramrod and quite literally fight over the shaft like a pair of common trollops!

Not that the appreciation of hard dick and willing ass stops there. Far from it, in fact. Soon afterwards Sharp is savouring the pleasure of having his ass rimmed by Stone and his cock sucked by Treasure; before very eagerly parting his legs and allowing Treasure to pound away at his pucker with all-too-familiar passion.

Doub^le penetrating Milan Sharp

But there’s no doubt in our minds that the part of the scene that you’re gonna remember best of all is when Sharp gets double-fucked by both buddies simultaneously – an experience that the well-versed cock-pro embraces with all the vigour and enthusiasm that you’d expect. Needless to say it’s not long before both tops are spewing like geysers; before Stone enjoys a final fuck of Sharp’s ass, pushing the filthy-minded bottom to a creamy climax!

See Jaro Stone and Timmy Treasure fucking Milan Sharp

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