New Helix boy Troy Accola gets fucked by Dalton Briggs


New Helix Studios twink model Troy Accola is in a high stakes soccer shootout with Dalton Briggs. Loser bottoms. Of course, the majority of the Russian jock’s past playmates ended up with a huge, uncut cock in their ass.

Troy might be brand new to Helix Studios, but he’s more than willing to go big right off the bat. When Dalton says it’s time to go, he really means it’s time to fuck. Back in the bedroom, the soccer shorts slide down and before long, Troy is feeling every hard inch of Dalton’s thick monster slamming in and out of him, and Dalton is reaping the tight, warm rewards of his victory.

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Dalton Briggs fucks Troy accola

Dalton Briggs fucks Troy Accola

Troy Accola and Dalton Briggs

See Troy Accola and Dalton Briggs at Helix Studios


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