The resurrection of Philippe Delvaux (and it’s not even Easter)

Two days ago, the news came out that Belgian porn star Philippe Delvaux passed away due to alcohol poisoning. His aunt broke the news by contacting gay porn blogs, but it turns out that it was Philippe himself who started the rumor and faked his own death.

It seems like David van Buggenhout (which is his real name) wanted to close the porn chapter in his life and wanted his porn persona to be dead. A friend of David received this text message from a mutual friend:

Philippe Delvaux is alive

The messages is in Dutch and says: “He says he wants Philippe Delvaux to be dead, and he didn’t expected it would get out of hand like this” to which the friend replies in an ironic way: “Well, he has succeeded. What an unbelievable guy. When is the memorial service?”

Source: Pink in our Lives