Staxus: Dick Casey fucks Brad Fitt

Dick Casey fucks Brad Fitt

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Dicks Casey and Brad Fitt at Staxus

Forget the crap that models sometimes spout about being straight and only doing what they do for the money – you only have to watch the way that Brad Fitt and Dick Casey look at each other at the beginning of this fabulous duo to realise that these two boys have a natural attraction that both are only too willing and eager to explore. What’s more, the energetic and extremely sweaty romp that ensues only underlines those first suspicions.

Both these twinks are as horny as fuck for each other and it’s no great wonder at all that the two of them are soon exchanging blowjobs and rubbing their cocks together. Brad, for one, just can’t wait to feel some manly hardness deep inside him; and having Dick rim his asshole leaves him fingering himself almost desperately.

Never fear though. Casey’s cock is soon on the case and before you know it young Fitt is getting the red hot raw fucking that only a cute blond beauty like him truly deserves.

True to form, Fitt rides every single inch that Casey has to offer like a veritable pro, spewing the contents of his balls mid-flow; before the prince of sluts kneels between Casey’s legs and gets royally splattered for his efforts!

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