Walter Bena fucks Franko DuChamp


Franko DuChamp

Nineteen year old Walter told BoyzParty he had a special birthday present planned for his 18 year old lover Franko and we did not have to think twice about tagging along. They were already in a lip lock by the time we arrived, Walter quickly stripping Frank, then himself down to their underwear.

Laying on Franko’s back and rubbing his bulge on Franko’s tight round cheeks, he proceeded to feed Frank every inch of that fat, uncut cock before Franko jumped up, lubed himself and then rode Walter cowboy style, taking every inch of that fat dong until he pulled off, put his face on Walter’s belly and gave himself a massive facial.

Following a quick cummy kiss after, Walter hauled out a dildo, bent Franko over for round two, soon replacing the dildo with his hard again cock and proceeded to kiss and fuck the cum out of Franko! If this was just for his birthday, stay tuned to see what he has planned for Christmas!

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