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Justin Lebeau and Seth Knight

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Seth Knight, arguably the most exciting twink porn star to come out of the USA in years, was visiting Montreal for a few days and so we wanted to make sure he got the full experience of the place. So of course we made sure he saw the sites, tried some great French food, and went to some of Montreal’s famous gay strip clubs.

And even though Seth knows all about how sex is done in the Southern United States, we wanted to make sure that he went home knowing all about love French Canadian style.

So we recruited one of our most skilled and attentive fuckers, Justin Lebeau. Justin is pure Quebecois right down to the fleur-de-lis tattoo on his calf, and when he fucks, he gives it everything he’s got. Priority one is pleasing his partner. Getting Seth off is what gets Justin off.

But this learning experience is not all one sided. Seth has something for Justin too. As you may have noticed that in all of Justin’s previous scenes, though he never fails to make his partners happy, he’s uninitiated in a very important element of the gay arts: giving head.

So in exchange for Justin’s cultural experience, Seth volunteered to give Justin a little tutorial on how to give oral pleasure to the male of the species. And he even allowed Justin to practice on him. And when you put a masterful teacher together with a motivated student the results are bound to be excellent.

It was the masterful fucking that really made this scene pop. Seth really loves getting fucked and Justin really loved that Seth loved it. Right from the start Justin could NOT take his eyes (or his hands) off of Seth’s ass and that was a pretty good indication to us that he really wanted to get at it in the worst way. And anyone who knows Seth, knows that he’s not going to make a willing dick wait too long to get into his ass. The cumshots tell it all.

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