Eurocreme: JP Dubois, Darius Ferdynand & Jonny Garcia


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twink threesome

Jonny Garcia is the first to be escorted blindfolded into the DreamBoy Hotel, the setting for his surprise Bachelor Party! Brought in by recent guest and DreamBoy Hotel favourite Darius Ferdynand, he and JP Dubois share a very knowing smile and quick kiss as JP then takes his sexy little guest to the room. With Jonny still thinking it’s Darius with him, he lets some little secrets out as he stumbles down the corridor to the room.

Turned on by the stories, JP takes this chance to get some unwitting action from the groom, stripping and even getting as far as fucking his cute face before the blindfold is off and the surprise is ruined! Still, the dicks are hard and need finishing, so randy little Jonny obliges for some last minute fun before his life of matrimony!

His friend’s plan has worked perfectly, and Darius joins in the dirty secret play, feeding Jonny dicks from both ends as JP fucks him hard and Darius gets his shaft slick with spit, pinning the boy down to the bed! It’s soon a mess of limbs and dicks and ass as they all swop roles and get some proper hard action going, just how the single men know how to!

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