Shawn Beliveau fucks Jake Bass

Jake Beliveau fucks Jake Bass

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Jake Bass and Shawn Beliveau at VideoBoys


As Jake Bass explains, he’s had his sights on his stripper friend Shawn Beliveau for quite awhile. He can’t get enough of that “straight boy bullshit”. They’ve been getting to know each other, playing and flirting at Shawn’s work place and it looks as though Shawn has succumbed, at least a bit, to Jake’s many charms. He’s comfortable enough with Jake to try doing a duo scene with him.

Even though Jake’s the bottom in this scene, he’s definitely the one taking the lead, showing his straight-boy friend how it’s done boy to boy. We were impressed just how good of a kisser Shawn was and we were even more impressed with his cock sucking skills. For a first timer, he definitely showed some initiative. The two of them were clearly having a lot of fun taking their relationship to another level.

But there were two great surprises still to come. Because he generally prefers not to bottom, we were very surprised how much Jake seemed to be into getting fucked by his buddy Shawn. Even though it was clear that Shawn’s big dick was causing a bit of pain at the start, Jake’s raging hardon was undeniable evidence that there was some pleasure in the pain.

And the final surprise was what a great boy-fucker Shawn turned out to be. Hard as a rock and non-stop pounding, Shawn really knows how to please. And judging from his big load, he was very pleased himself. We hope Shawn and Jake will come back again for a round two.

Watch the full length video at VideoBoys

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