Chase Anderson fucks Sven Laarson at Staxus

Chase Anderson fucks Sven Laarson

Chase Anderson and Sven Laarson love to take time off to relax together, but being the gorgeous, ever-horny twinks that they are they’re never content just to sit back and watch TV. Of course, the very fact that they chill on the sofa sporting nothing more than a pair of flimsy briefs pretty much tells you straightaway what they like to do to pass the time; and suffice it to say that it’s less than a minute before Laarson is using his foot to uncover the handsome bulge that’s already straining in his buddy’s pants.

Not that he’s using his feet for very long! Instead, it’s his mouth that very quickly takes charge of the situation, as he proceeds to slurp up and down the full length of Anderson’s meaty, uncut pole; before the two fellows position themselves 69-style and give head simultaneously. The sight of these two blond beauties pleasuring each other on the sofa will surely be enough to send most of us to the very brink of ecstasy – as will seeing Laarson neatly position himself over his pal’s face so that Anderson can suck on his balls and rim his ass!

But just remember that these two lads have barely got started at this point, and even when you’ve had the enjoyment of watching Laarson ride Anderson’s handsome dick cowboy-style, there’s still the prospect of savoring the fellow’s subsequent performance with the aid of an eye-wateringly big dildo. No question about it, the young lad is quite literally like a bitch on heat – a point that’s only underlined when he follows Anderson’s climax with a top-notch eruption all over his buddy’s face!

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