Dustin Gold and Jack Rayder have sex in a beach house


Dustin Gold and Jack Rayder in Making Waves

Helix Studios brings us the boys of summer in their latest scene, called “Making Waves“. Sexy twink boys Dustin Gold and Jack Rayder are spending their holidays at the beach in sunny California. The video starts with the guys having fun in the waves, but they soon head back to their beach house for some different kind of fun.

You can almost feel the chemistry between Dustin and Jack, as they make out like little lovebirds. After some more kissing and groping, Jack pulls out Dustin’s cock and starts to suck him off. Dustin returns the favor and blows Jack’s dick.

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Dustin Gold and Jack Rayder

Dustin and Jack in Making Waves

Dustin Gold fucks Jack Rayder

The oral fun and the kissing is only a starter for the main course, which is some good old ass plowing. The two ripped boys sure know how to put on a show, as they fuck in various positions. Jack moans with pleasure and begs for more cock and that’s exactly what Dustin is giving him. The scene has quite a messy ending and Jack taking Dustin’s creamy load on his face is just a part of that. Make sure to watch this hot scene!

Jack Rayder bottoms for Dustin Gold

Dustin Gold and Jack Rayder

Dustin Gold fucks Jack Rayder

Twinks Justin Gold and Jack Rayder


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