Damien Wolfe is no longer with Helix Studios

Damien Wolfe

Adult film star Damien Wolfe started working for Helix Studios at the beginning of July. The dark-haired boy instantly became a fan-favorite after his first solo video came out. He signed an exclusive contract with Helix Studios and filmed two hardcore scenes, one with Andy Taylor and one with Dustin Gold. The studio has probably got some unreleased scenes laying around, but I am afraid no new scenes with Damien will be filmed.

Yesterday, Damien announced to his fans on Twitter that he is no longer working for Helix Studios anymore. Here’s his response to an anonymous question:

Are you still in porn, if so where do you think you’ll go next?
I will be doing some more porn yes, although I can’t announce where yet. But my career is going through a transition and I will be announcing some other projects I have been working on. I wouldn’t call it porn exactly but I feel like the fans who truly love me for my image and wht I represent will appreciate it and enjoy it for the art and energy put into it. Id like to call myself an entrepreneur before rather than a porn star, and I want to make that known to everyone sooner than later. Im honestly happy I left Helix, mostly because I didn’t want to get stuck into the “twink” category. Bcuz inside I dont recognize myself as a twink and I believe being true to yourself is the best thing you can do. So expect more from Damien Wolfe ! I will give away ONE secret : I have been working on an exotic book series and will be publishing it as Damien Wolfe!

Hopefully, we’re going to see more of Damien in the near future!

See Damien Wolfe’s video at Helix Studios

Damien Wolfe no longer with helix

Helix boy Damien Wolfe

Watch Damien Wolfe in action at Helix Studios


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