Justin Lebeau fucks Jake Bass

Justin Lebeau fucks Jake Bass

Watch Justin Lebeau fucking Jake Bass

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As individuals, there are probably no two models who generate more excitement on Videoboys than Jake Bass and Justin Lebeau. Each has his own unique brand of sexiness and when we make an update with either of them, solo or duo, the reaction is very gratifying. But what if we put the two of them together in a room for a duo? After we shot this duo it was clear that the whole is even greater than the sum of its parts.

When Justin and Jake first got together on the set the atmosphere was very low key with casual conversation and little to indicate the kind of explosion that was about to happen. I think both models were doing their best not to betray the kind of excitement they were feeling about the duo.

After all the preliminaries, we started shooting the photos. After a few shots, we asked for a kiss. The reaction wasn’t chemical, it was nuclear. The two of them just latched on to each other with such reckless abandon that videographers could do nothing more than try to keep up with what was going on. All sense of control was gone.

Jake is not normally the kind of guy that likes to bottom but for Justin he was ready to go all the way. Together they went all the way and much further. If you can measure the “hotness” of this scene by the volume of body fluids dispatched then this scene definitely rates a few pints!

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