The transformation of Staxus boy Mike James

Mike James' new hairdo

Last Sunday, Staxus introduced a new twink model on Twitter. A cute and handsome young hunk with punky hair. The tweet got a lot of responses and people (including myself) were wondering about his name. Staxus said he didn’t have a porn name yet.  Today, the nameless newbie turned up in my Twitter feed again and it turns out Staxus has been fooling us. Their exclusive model Mike James has a new hairdo, which makes him hardly recognizable. Here’s how Mike James looked before:

Mike James for Staxus

Nice trick! Nobody recognized Mike James with his new look. If you look at the birthmarks in both pictures, you can see that this is indeed the same boy. Here are two more photos from Mike James 2.0

Mike James from Staxus in black & white

Mike James is an exclusive Staxus model from the Czech Republic and has appeared in seven scenes since May 2014. I am sure we’re going to see a lot more of him!

Watch Mike James’ videos on Staxus


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